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General Director’s greeting

Raytsyn Arkadiy Emilovych
General Director
Dear friends!

With sincere pleasure I am glad to congratulate you to the opening of the fundamentally updated, created on the basic of latest communicative web-technologies, multimedia web-site of nationwide program «Person of the Year».

We suppose that it is the best and the most generous present to our numerous admirers, faithful friends and sympathizers in honor of 15th anniversary of the Program.

We will sincerely congratulate everyone, who will be interested in this special project that appeared in Ukraine for the first time and now takes the lead in social life and in the information space of our country.

During 17 years, every spring, in National art palace “Ukraine” is conducted the award ceremony of the holders of the title «Person of the Year» – present-day leaders, most dignified representatives of almost all industries.

This bright festive performance glorifies annual meticulous work of Program general direction, numerous experts, members of Higher Academic Council, creative and acting-stage team – of everyone involved in the exaltation of the national recognition pedestal.

On this day Ukraine congratulates people who joined the life-giving, inexhaustible sauce of Promethean fire and with the help of own talent and work, knowledge and intellect gets important victories in life and professional and social activity.

Every year their glorious galaxy refills with new names, and therefore, in such a way self-esteem and nation’s dignity are raised, and appears clear understanding of what values and priorities are considered to be real and important.

The project «Person of the Year» develops on such basic principles. So without self-respect and respect for your nation and country it is useless to hope that world countries will respect us.
So let’s respect each other!

Nationwide program «Person of the Year» already for 18 years calls for this.

We present to your attention and your consideration quindecennial Program’s review – from the project’s very beginning to award ceremony.

We believe that every site visitor will find something interesting for himself, and many of you will find a lot of necessary and useful information.

Be our good friends and partners!

Happy trails to the pages of our web-site

of the nationwide program «Person of the Year»