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Awards attributes


The symbol of the program «Person of the Year» is live-giving Prometheus fire that symbolizes the irrepressible desire of a person to reach high goals.

The fire on the palm of Prometheus – is the symbol, material embodiment of divine knowledge and skills which were handed on from Gods to people by Prometheus.

Award «Prometheus-Prestige» – is the recognition of the highest achievements of individuals in professional and social spheres of life, award for extraordinarity, talent, charisma and ability to lead, to be a flagman in his business.


Sculptural symbol «Prometheus-Prestige» is the desk-type composition, which consists of four elements:

  • an abstract figure (statuette) which represents the flames coming out of the palm as a symbol of irresistible desire to achieve high goals. The surface of the statuette has a polished surface, gilded;
  • pedestal under the statuette which has the shape of the octagon with curly eaves;
  • tablet which is situated on the front of the statuette below the palm, in which there is flame. It is indicated the name of the program «Person of the Year» and also the year of the carrying of the program «Person of the Year» with embossed gild letters on the front of the tablet against a dark background
  • tablet on which it is indicated the appropriate nomination of awarding. It is a chrome plate with the engraved text.

The author of the statuette «Prometheus-Prestige» is the sculpture Oleh Chernoivanov.

Dimensions of the award:

the height of the statuette – 350mm, width – 90mm,
The height of the pedestal – 150 mm, diameter – 90mm,
tablet – height 25mm, width – 40mm.