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About the project

The creation of the program «Person of the Year» was held in July 1995. Then, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, in the Dnieper region the rating regional promotion was conducted and the implementation of the first in Ukraine project of determination of intellectual and professional elite of the country was started. The symbol of the program was chosen to be Promethean fire, which blesses inextinguishable longing of a Personality to reach the Thule.


Afterwards, in March 1997, under the auspices of National palace of arts “Ukraine” grand ceremony of winners and laureates rewarding of the first nationwide program  «Person of the Year» was held.

Namely in the period of the formation of our country, in the period of political and social instability appeared because of the independence state construction process, the Program raised the most decent people on the honorary pedestal of nationwide recognition and proved one more time that Ukraine has stable foundation and strong potential for social, economic and spiritual  rebirth.

As a result of consistent implementation of conceptual ideas of the Program, in Ukraine on the nationwide level appeared the institute of definitions and recognition of the personalities, whose talents, professional achievements, social and political activity significantly affect the life and development of Ukrainian society.

For nineteen years of the Program’s activity the holders of the title «Person of the Year» were chosen more than 365 people in personalized and corporative nominations. In particular:

  • First President of Ukraine(1991-1994) Leonid Kravchuk
  • President of Ukraine (1994-2005) Leonid Kuchma
  • President of Ukraine (2005-2010)
    Viktor Yushchenko
  • Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2008-2012) Volodymyr Lytvyn
  • First cosmonaut of independent Ukraine  Leonid Kadeniuk
  • Academicians of  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  Myroslav Popovych, Valerii Geiets and Gennadii Knyshov
  • Outstanding manufacturers and businessmen Mykola Yankovskyi, Dmytro Kiva, Mykhailo Voronin, Vadym Gryb and Vitalii Antonov
  • Well-known and popular journalists Yulia Mostova, Seghii Rakhmanin, Savik Shuster and Andrii Kulykov
  • Outstanding figures of national culture and sport Bogdan Stupka, Anatolii Solovianenko, Yurii Rybchynskyi, Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Volodymyr Gryshko, Seghii Bubka, Yana Klochkova, Vitalii and Volodymyr Klychko, Andrii Shevchenko, Nataliia Dobrynska, Liliia Podkopaieva, Oleh Blokhin  
  • and many others…


In year 2001 the program «Person of the Year» busied itself with another important problem for young state – with Ukraine positive image making in world community. Exactly then marked the beginning the international and special price awarding to outstanding figures of international caliber, whose professional or social activity is recognized with European and world community and who especially  significantly affect the strengthening of diverse relations of our country with foreign countries.

Among the owners of international and special prizes are:

  • Ecumenical Eparch Ioann Pavel II
  • President of Poland Oleksandr Kvasnievskyi
  • President of Georgia Mykhail Saakashvili
  • President of Lithuanian Republic Dalia Grybauskaite 
  • President of the Azerbaijani Republic Ilkham Aliiev 
  • High Representative on the question of Common Foreign and Security Policy of European Union  Khavier Solana
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Russia, Germany, France, Republic of Korea, Lithuanian Republic, China, Israel,Greece, Hungary in Ukraine
    Viktor Chernomyrdin, Ditmar Shtiudemann, Philip de Siuremen, Kho Sun Chol, Algirdas Kumzha, Li Chzhou, Zina Kalai-Klaitman, Georgios Georguntzos, Mihal Baer, Eynulla Madatli.
  •  Famous businessman and patron of Ukrainian origin Ivan Hynianskyi
  • Famous singers Iosyp Kobzon, Tamara Hverdtsyteli, Liudmyla Hurchenko, Larysa Dolina, Valerii Meladze, Philip Kirkorov, Anzhelika Varum, Oleksandr Malinin, Marylia Rodovich.
  • Composers Ihor Krutoi, Kim Breitburg, Volodymyr Shainskyi, Maksym Dunaievskyi, Oleksandr Morozov
  • Workers of culture and art Illia Rieznik, Mykhailo Zhvanetskyi, Oleksandr Masliakov  
  • A popular French singer Patricia Kaas
  • Popular italian singers   Alessandro Safina, Toto Cutugno.  

The final chord of the Program was «Person of the Year» Award Grand Ceremony, which every year gathers best representatives of social and political and financial and economic elite, of Governmental Entities of Ukraine, diplomatic corps, foreign notables from countries-friends, most famous Ukrainian and foreign celebrities and of course journalists of Ukrainian and foreign mass media.

Grand ceremony conducts as a bright performance with the performances of outstanding Ukrainian and foreign singers, best musical and chorographical groups, demonstration of new collections of Ukrainian leading designers.

The performance is accompanied by the most modern, high-tech staging, sound, light and special effects.

Reliability, honesty, a deep mutual understanding determine stability and constancy of program partnership with business structures, mass-media and other public institutions.  It is important to notice that at various stages of project development, program’s partners were dozens of world known and recognized companies. And thousands of articles in newspapers and magazines, fruitable cooperation with many national TV channels and online editions show stable genuine interest of the society in the project «Person of the Year».

The last anniversary Grand ceremony – is special. It was a grand forum of winners and laureates of all 15 years of «Person of the Year» program activity, meeting of noble people who made so much for our state and our society, of real patriots and associates. It was not only the holiday for owners of the exclusive title, but it was the act of the Program recognition.

It is useless to count its supporters and sympathizers. But we thank every of them for support, cooperation and understanding.