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About the project

Since Ukraine became independent, people continually look for most fully satisfactory algorithm of historical task solution – building of successful, democratic, civilized state.

Many academic, scientific, national, cultural and even entertaining social institutes are busy with this problem. And everyone makes own contribution to achievement of the objective.

Nationwide program “Person of the Year” has considerable positive influence on the development of social life. The program appeared on the fifth year of Ukraine’s independence, and now, 20 years later, it remains popular among society, because it is based on age-old humanistic principles – consolidation of national dignity, profound respect for Person-Creator, builder, patriot.

“Person of the Year” as a natural result and deservedly became an important event in social life of nation, praising on a higher level of national recognition the best of most dignified people and proving to the world the inexhaustibility of intellectual and creative potential of Ukraine. Event, which attracts and causes arguments, but which leaves nobody indifferent without regard to ratings. And this is the most important.

Appeared on the fifth year of Ukraine’s independence, it even now, 25 years later, remains popular among society…

With every new stage of the development of nationwide project-program “Person of the Year” its laureate galaxy is refilled with new glorious names, names of those who make new history of Ukraine, work for Ukrainian positive image and respect in international community.

For some people the victory in the program is important acknowledgment of already well-known recognition and for others – just the beginning of new stage of career development.

It is enough only to announce the names of sole favorites of national ratings – political, economic, humanitarian, sport. But few people know that at the back of refined and dynamic and exquisitely-exciting show, which is carried out every spring on the main stage of the country, is hard and tireless work of a large team of professionals and specialists in various fields of human activity.

“Person of the Year” remains unique in its unpredictability, because the program never stops to  develop. And it’s not just the fact that to stay on top is much more difficult than to achieve it. Ukraine is being developed very quickly, is being changed right in front of your eyes, together with us. So it is logical that nationwide program “Person of the Year” is being cardinally changed, and  not only fixes and follows the important events in the society, but also have a considerable influence over their positive development.

And permanent program slogan


about_11will always invoke to go forward, overcoming all obstacles!