Awarded persons

… Big names, bright personalities, happy and embarrassed smiles of the elegant men and charming women in the flashes of the lighting strands…

We do not mean the heroes of the awarding ceremonies for the winners of the national program «Person of the Year». We mean their festive vis-а-vis of the awarded couples, rightful and valued members of the ceremonial event. They perform honorable and responsible mission – they are the first to announce victorious new names to the entire country, to tell the most important words to the owner of the honorary title. Their sincere piety, warm feelings to those they announce the winners, mingling with powerful emotional energy of all the participants of the ceremony, create triumphal atmosphere.

And in order to do this it is not enough to have a trained voice and public and professional confidence. They should be very remarkable persons to address head-to-head to the nation, become its spokespersons for a few endless moments.

Public trumpets of the solemn ceremonies of the national program «Person of the Year» have to overcome emotional stress of almost cosmic power. According to the frank confessions even of those who had earlier ascended the star stage to receive the golden award, the excitement was much higher during the ascend of this symbolic token to their successors.

It seems that the traditionally mixed composition of the trumpet couples looks like not just as some means of harmonious balance of courage and beauty but an instantaneous echo of ancient dualism of yin and yang, as the pairwise basics of life. Actually, the very program «Person of the Year», as every concept, implemented up to a state of self-sufficiency, is a system of symbols and signs that are perceived not by the mind but by our hearts. And each of them is a sincere call to happiness and light.